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General Guidelines for the Installation of Your Vented Gas Furnace

Always consult your local Building Department regarding regulations, codes or ordinances that apply to the installation of a vented room heater.

Instructions to Installer:

1. Installer must leave instruction manual with owner after installation.

2. Installer must have owner fill out and mail warranty card supplied with vented room heater.

3. Installer should show owner how to start and operate vented room heater and thermostat.

General Information: This series is design certified in accordance with American National Standard/CSA Standard Z21.86 and CSA 2.32 by the Canadian Standards Association, as a Vented Room Heater and must be installed according to these instructions. Any alteration of the original design, installed other than as shown in the manufacturer’s instructions or use with a type of gas not shown on the rating plate is the responsibility of the person and company making the change.
Important: All correspondence should refer to complete Model Number, Serial Number and type of gas. Notice: During initial firing of this unit, its paint may bake out and smoke may occur. To prevent triggering of smoke alarms, ventilate the room in which the unit is installed.

Installation on Rugs and Tile: If this heater is to be installed directly on carpeting, tile, or a combustible material, other than wood flooring, the appliance may require that it be installed on a metal or wood panel extending the full width and depth of the appliance. This protection is primarily for rugs that may be extremely thick and for lightcolored tile that can discolor. Please consult your owner’s manual for applicability and
specifics of installation.
Qualified Installing Agency: Installation and replacement of gas piping, gas utilization equipment or accessories and repair and servicing of equipmen shall be performed only by a qualified agency. The term “qualified agency” means any individual, firm, corporation, or company which whether in person or through a representative is engaged in and is responsible for (a) the installation or replacement of gas piping or (b) the connection, installation, repair or servicing of equipment, who is experienced in such work, familiar with all precautions required and has complied with all the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

The installation must conform to local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1*/Canadian Installation Code, CAN/CGA B149.

*Available from the American National Standards Institute, Inc., 11 West 42nd    St., New York, NY 10036.
High Altitudes: For altitudes/elevations above 2,000 feet (610m), input ratings should be reduced at the rate of 4 percent for each 1,000 feet (305m) above sea level. High Altitude-specific models are available from Williams and Empire, so please consult a F. N. Cuthbert associate for assistance in choosing the appropriate model.

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